I became a life insurance
salesman in London in May 1969, for the glamour, the fast cars, the groupies… the beautiful women who’d stop at nothing to buy life insurance.

It’s a very well-kept secret.

Reading this book you’ll learn how to be successful, make lots of money, conquer your fears, pick up beautiful women, be happy, speak in public, make new friends… and have your Rolls Royce repossessed. And how to throw a celebratory party for 2,000 of your closest friends and have three people turn up (one a drunk who walked in off the street).

You’ll get useful health tips, including how to take up smoking at 50, plus practical advice for everyday living, like how to sell life insurance to a Mafia hit man, how to start a Middle East war at breakfast, how kidnapping the one you love is a bad idea and how taking LSD on entering a casino is a very bad idea.

In passing, you will find out how to open the world’s most famous comedy club, how to sell a $100m life insurance policy from a cold call in a phone box and get into the Guinness Book of Records, how to discover a no. 1 world best-selling pop group and how to manage a baggage-handler hero who socked al-Qaeda on the jaw.

I know what you’re thinking… just another ‘How to’ book.

When my daughter Lily was six years old, I told her that she must never talk to strangers.

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” she said. “I don’t know any strangers.”

This is the story of how her father has spent his whole life talking to strangers.

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